Five Things I've Learned by Sharing My Story

  • Employees struggling with mental illness and substance use rarely feel their work environment is a place of safety. By opening the conversation about mental health in the workplace, you empower employees to speak their truth and remove blockages to peak performance.
  • Employees are often afraid to ask for support for fear of retribution or job loss. They survive behind a “mask” to hide the fear and shame. By fostering a climate of safety, you create a culture of transparency and open communication resulting in a more engaged and healthier workforce.
  • Stigma and discrimination thrive on a lack of knowledge and understanding. Educating employees about mental health and substance use can create more open communication, understanding and empathy.
  • Individuals thrive when they are in a safe environment. Making one key shift in communication about mental health fosters a safe climate of vulnerability that supports employee health, wellness, engagement, and productivity.
  • Leaders lead by example. Leaders who encourage open dialog about mental well-being in the workplace create a safe space for employees to come forward and ask for help.

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