Meet The Team

~ Get to Know Kim & Her Team ~

About Kim

Kim LaMontagne, MBA

The Heart & Brains of It All! 

Kim is President and CEO of Kim LaMontagne, LLC., Corporate Mental Health Trainer, International Speaker, and Author.

She is also a State Trainer with the National Alliance on Mental Health and a member of the Dartmouth Hitchcock – Campaign to Combat Behavioral Health Stigma and Discrimination.

She works with organizational leaders to teach them how to create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace culture. Using her proprietary methodology in “The 4 Pillars of Creating and Sustaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture” training, she teaches leaders how to build a culture of safety where employees feel safe enough to step forward and ask for help without fear of stigma, judgment, or retribution.

She has the unique ability to teach through the lens of the lived experience and the lens of the leader.
She has presented her content at conferences and healthcare organizations and recently joined forces with John Broderick, Former Chief Justice of NH Supreme Court to deliver quarterly virtual Nursing Grand Rounds at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

She is the visionary author for the book, “It’s Ok to Not Be Ok,” and contributing author in the book, “The Strength of Our Anchors.”

Her mission is to share her lived experience and teach leaders how to create a culture of safety in the workplace that empowers individuals to speak openly about mental health.

Randy Mitchelson

Guru of all things PR

Randy Mitchelson, APR is an award winning entrepreneur, author and community leader with more than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing and financial services.

He has served in leadership roles for Fortune 500 firms as well as several start-ups.

Mitchelson has earned accreditation in public relations (APR). Randy’s digital marketing insights are published by Website Magazine, Search Engine Journal, American Express and many others.

He helps small and medium sized businesses drive new customer acquisition and build stronger relationships with stakeholders through digital marketing and web technology, public relations and analysis of data that it generates.

Randy is a multiple Golden Image award winner from the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA).  He was named 2016 member of the year by the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA. While president of the Southwest Florida Chapter in 2019-2020, the chapter was named Chapter of the Year.

He also received the 2010 Partnership Award from the SWFL Regional Technology Partnership. 

Mitchelson earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

Shauna Cutcliffe

Our Organizational Genius

Shauna is the team’s virtual assistant. 

With a background of over 30 years in nursing, she uses her patient triage skills to effectively manage all of our different projects and timelines. She loves administration and organization, and always has a willing smile ready to go (and hugs too, once those are allowed).

As a nurse, Shauna’s passion is in home care, where she does everything she can to help people stay in their own homes for as long as possible. As our VA, her passion is making things happen (and keeping the team in line, which can be a little like herding cats some days!). 

No matter how many proverbial balls are in the air, she has her eye on them all & makes sure every project moves along its timeline.


David McElroy

IT & Tech Extraordinaire

David is a self-proclaimed Social Entrepreneur and “idea” person.

He’s been described as a “computer nerd with a personality”. His purpose in life is to use his experience and skills to solve technical problems in the pursuit of helping others to help themselves.

David loves to learn – with over 35 years experience in software development, he is able to pick up any technology, software tool/language/methodology/etc. quicker than most.

David’s experience in all phases and aspects of software development and cloud computing is vast and constantly evolving. His greatest strength is his ability to come up with ideas while pursuing a strong desire to solve problems with “outside the box” thinking. He is an advocate of “Rapid Prototyping” methods to get solutions into the hands of stakeholders quickly in order to get valuable feedback as early in the process as possible.

David’s motivation is put helping people over making money and believe strongly in practicing gratitude, paying it forward and “giving before you get” with honor and integrity.

Karolyn Masters-Nyl

Creative Wizard

The difference between geniuses and other people is not so much raw artistic talent but mindset, mental habits and work ethic.

Karolyn Masters ticks all three boxes. And that’s what makes her a creative Einstein. 

What average people think of as “work”, Karolyn regards as play. So she approaches her work with an absolute joy and simply considers it fun.

After a consult with Karolyn, you know her curious mindset is locked in on your objectives. She drills down into your motivations so she can craft a visual tapestry that represents your hopes and dreams. (Really!)

While most people have to work at being “positive”, it is a mental habit so ingrained in Karolyn you know it’s fused into her DNA. She tackles difficult problems with such genuine zeal that you are on the edge of your seat to witness her creative dexterity.

Karolyn’s work ethic could earn her a top spot on Wall Street. Her creativity and insight work well beyond 9-to-5, so don’t be shocked if you receive one of her eureka emails at an odd hour.

If that wasn’t enough, Karolyn dedicates significant time to help other parents with children on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and support them to see the blessings within the struggle.

Megan Bunting-Fox

Professional Social Butterfly

Megan is an integral part of our Social Media Management Team. 

She brings with her a creative flair and an eye for detail! With a background in theatre, writing, project management and marketing she has an ability to bring to life our Social Media strategies while also helping to tell Kim’s story!