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Thank you for visiting. You’re here because you are a leader who recognizes the importance of recognizing and supporting employees who may be struggling in silence.

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Corporate Leadership Training

The 4 Pillars of Creating and Sustaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture

Available in person, virtual, or on-demand, “The 4 Pillars” is a corporate training that teaches leaders about the impact of unaddressed mental health in the workplace, the power of peer support, how to decrease stigma, shift to person centered language, and create a “culture of safety” in the workplace that supports the mental health and well-being of employees.

A culture of safety is one where all employees feel safe speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment, retribution, or job loss.

Stigma in
the Workplace

Learn the different types of stigma and discrimination and its impact on mental health in the workplace.

Signs &

Learn the common signs and symptoms of someone living with a mental health condition and how to support someone who is struggling.

Common Problems & Powerful Solutions

Identify common problems & powerful solutions for leaders who want to create a mentally healthy workplace culture.


As an organizational leader, how do you support those living with mental health and substance misuse? We support by using language that creates a “safe space” for employees to feel seen, heard, and understood. 

30-DAY Relaxation
Coloring Kit

A free self-care resource for you and your staff. Use these pages as a tool to help support mental well-being in the workplace.

You’re invited to download, print, and color!

Just Breathe

Learn 5 effective breathing techniques you can do right at your desk or on the job to help you manage stress and anxiety. You’ll get full instructions plus a one-page cheatsheet to print off and post at work or bring home.

Working While

We spend as much (maybe more) time with our colleagues as we do with our families, so let’s have each other’s backs. Download this one-page resource to more easily identify subtle changes in your co-workers’ behavior that could signal mental health struggles.

The resources on this website are not diagnostic tools and are not intended to diagnose, treat or mitigate any condition. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact your nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1-.

Fee for Service Counseling Services

Brian Scott, Esq

Brian Scott, Esq., holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a Juris Doctor from the Massachusetts School of Law. Brian served as McLean Hospital’s first patient and family navigator, helping those living with serious mental health challenges and their families find resources in their communities and develop resiliency. Eschewing the traditional power dynamics of the therapeutic relationship, Brian forges alliances emphasizing what the client can do, rather than pathologizing what they cannot. He meets clients authentically at the intersections of substance use, mood and thought challenges. Brian draws on a diverse background of lived experience, logotherapeutic and existential psychology and philosophy to help clients find hope, purpose, and meaning.

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