Join Us For A Vital Discussion About 

Workplace Mental Health

With Kim LaMontagne & John Broderick

The Economic Impact of Changing Attitudes Toward Mental Health

JULY 27, 2022
12-1 pm EDT / 9 am – 10 am PDT


  • Discover why it’s imperative financially to support the mental health of the current and future generations in the workforce.
  • Learn how policies, practices and culture change around mental health attract & retain the next generation while maximizing their productivity.
  • Identify signs of mental health challenges in others and create non-judgemental conversations in order to support them.

Our younger generation is full of skills and strengths, but they are still struggling with mental health in greater numbers than prior generations. They will be our future leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs and employees. 


This FREE webinar discussion will be packed full of strategies and perspectives to create a ‘culture of safety’ in the workplace, where everyone feels safe speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment, retribution, or job loss. Plus, you’ll get insight into how policies that support mentally safe workplaces can attract the future generation of the workforce.



MBA, President / CEO of Kim LaMontagne, LLC, International Speaker, Corporate Mental Health Trainer, and Author.

Kim is also a speaker and state trainer with National Alliance on Mental Illness and a member of the Dartmouth Hitchcock – Campaign to Combat Behavioral Health Stigma and Discrimination.

Kim was a top performing corporate professional who suffered in silence in the workplace with depression, anxiety, alcohol misuse, and intense suicidal thoughts.  She feared being judged, losing her seat at the corporate table and her professional integrity if she spoke openly and asked for help.

At more than 12 years sober and healthy, she created a leadership training called “The 4 Pillars of Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture” to teach leaders how to normalize the conversation about mental health.  The 4 Pillars teaches leaders how  to recognize the cost of unaddressed mental health, embrace the power of peer support, decrease stigma, and create a culture of safety where everyone feels safe speaking openly about mental health without fear of judgment, retribution, or job loss.

Kim has the unique ability to teach through the lens of the lived experience and the lens of the leader.


Senior Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court

John speaks from his own experience of how mental illness devastated his family, sharing his perspective as a father first and as an advocate second.

In 2016, he co-chaired the first statewide launch in New Hampshire of a national mental health awareness campaign called Change Direction New Hampshire. By taking on the mission of mental health awareness, he began leading and speaking about the D-HH R.E.A.C.T. Campaign. R.E.A.C.T. is a powerful public awareness campaign representing the steps people can take when they recognize that they or someone they care about is experiencing mental health challenges. 

John has spoken more than 500 times to various audiences about the five most common signs of mental illness in an effort to improve understanding and awareness of mental health. 

He believes that young people “have the ability to change the culture and the way mental health is viewed.” He’s passionately spreading this message to as many students, educators, parents and professionals that he can.

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