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Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health

Learn the common signs and symptoms of mental health and how to support someone who is struggling

Stigma in the Workplace

Learn the different types of stigma and its impact on mental health in the workplace.

Common Problems and Powerful Solutions

Identify common problems and powerful solutions for leaders who want to create a mentally healthy workplace culture.

The 4 Pillars of Creating and Sustaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture

Identify common problems and powerful solutions for leaders who want to create a mentally healthy workplace culture.”The 4 Pillars” is a corporate training that teaches leaders how to create an “environment of safety” in the workplace that supports the mental health and well-being of employees. An environment of safety is one where all employees feel safe speaking openly about mental health without fear of retribution or judgment.

COVID-19 Relaxation Coloring Book Healthy Workplace Culture

A free self-care resource for you and your staff. Use these pages as a tool to help support mental well-being in the workplace. There are many benefits to coloring. Coloring reduces stress and anxiety, helps improve focus and sleep, is great self-care, has similar effects as meditation, and allows the mind to relax. Feel free to share, print, color, and post.


Words Matter

As an organizational leader, how do you support those living with mental health and substance misuse? We support by using language that creates a “safe space” for employees to feel seen, heard, and understood. Changing the perception of mental health begins with embracing person-centered inclusive, non-stigmatizing and non-discriminatory language.


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