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THANK YOU for a remarkable presentation. People stayed after thanking me for bringing you in to address us. This rarely happens. You touched a high note with many in the room (and via zoom).

President, Board of Directors, Nashua, NH, Chapter, Rotary International, Chief Community Relations Officer, YMCA of Greater Nashua

Thank you for supporting me, listening to me, and mostly, for being there. If I dove into how impactful our past meeting was, I would be in tears. I had hit a true low, and despite seeking professional help and support from my husband, family, and close friends, it was the conversation with you, that was the tipping point. I’m not sure if you have a 6th sense, or if you were just doing what you do best, but you made me feel like I could open up to you and share what was truly going on in my life in a safe and nonjudgmental way. Much of the advice I had received was “you’ll get over it”, “it’s a phase, it will pass” or some other dismissive comment when I was really reaching out for help. I wanted to let you know that you made a difference in my life and supported me at a time when I felt embarrassed to admit my lack of accomplishments, and when I truly felt at the rock bottom. Your belief in me and my capabilities truly turned things around for me, and I am grateful for the support, and friendship!

“Your honesty and experiences draw people in and your positive, practical message gives people a way forward.”

Former Chief Justice, NH Supreme Court,
Senior Director of External Affairs, Dartmouth Hitchcock

“Kim’s Training module about creating and sustaining a mentally healthy workplace is very timely! After 2020, teams across all industries are discovering that mental health is a priority of a vibrant culture and teamwork. This training is short and to the point, but it packs a punch! It’s a tremendous value to an organization because it provides easy and actionable tasks and reminders to bring this important work out of the shadows and help leaders do what’s most important: talk about this in a healthy and productive way! I’ll be using her work for years to come.”

former Director of Organizational Development, Catholic Medical Center in NH

Testimonials from the Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

with Kim LaMontagne and John Broderick.



  • Be less judgmental.
  • Be more aware of the language I use
  • Be more thoughtful and understanding of individuals with substance/mental health disorders
  • Being more mindful of the way I describe patients/people living with mental health.
  • Careful with words and labels
  • Change the manner of discussion.
  • Check-in on myself and friends and co-workers as well
  • Foster open dialog with staff and continue to promote the non-stigmatizing language.
  • I liked the idea of not saying someone “committed” suicide, not being defined by this.
  • I will use terminology that is less demeaning and put myself in other shoes it gave me a new perspective on how to assist patients struggling with mental health
  • Look for signs, provide support, encourage and assist with help, a reminder that you are a person first
  • My increased awareness of the content will help me better interact with others in need of support.
  • Recognition of my own emotional baggage each day when coming to work
  • Remain open to each person’s individual needs and backgrounds.
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Understand different factors of mental health
  • Understanding the unconscious stigma that often is associated with mental health.
  • Successful professionals can struggle and present themselves as together and healthy when internally they are struggling.
  • Use language where the person comes first. i.e a person with substance abuse disorder versus an addict

This presentation gave me hope for a successful future. Seeing someone with my same struggles have a bright future

I learned that people can have depression and hide it

I appreciated her candor and personal disclosure in the presentation. Wonderful!

This presentation made me remember that my mental health does not make me flawed, because it is a part of me and no one is perfect.

This presentation makes me feel now that I am not alone.

Listening to Kim was literally listening to myself. I appreciate her presentation beyond words and
I could relate to almost everything she said.

I’ve decided today is truly the day I get help. I wish there were programs like NAMI around the world. Thank you so much. I really wish I saw this presentation earlier.

This presentation helped my son who struggles a lot, to realize he is not alone.

I learned that people can have depression and hide it.